Tourist object is in resort complex Shkorpilovtsi. The complex was build in a forest that guarantees coolness in the summer days. The beach is 300 meters from the resort base.
The combination of a forest and the sea makes this place attractive for people of all ages. Resort village Shkorpilovtsi is only 30km south from the city of Varna and 70km north from Sunny Beach and is near the natural reserve .
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GPS location:  N 42 57,190'   E 27 53,659'
The resort base consists of 25 bungalows, 20 of which with 3 separate beds; 5 bungalows with 4 separate beds and 5 bungalows with 2 separate beds. Every bungalow has its own bathroom, fridge and a TV set. A cafe with 40 seats.
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